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Al was floating in front of a full wall projection of Earth. Al could say what he liked, but Juan would be walking through that garden with his wife within the week. Priscilla loved her roses. Juan liked to joke that he could always smell her coming. Just after the Neptune slingshot is when we turned on the fugue drive and left our home universe forever.

Juan flicked the holo off. Screw it, might as well stay civil for the last few days. We exceeded light speed. Leaving our home universe was the only way we could preserve causality and avoid time paradoxes.

Al turned around to stare at the Earth. Just the fact we flouted the rules damned us. But a different Grandmother, one you could kill with impunity. We have to be. Years of testing went into that drive. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have gleaned the following from the internet — and other sources: Mice can jump an average of 12 inches vertically and four 4 FEET horizontally!

Exceptional mice can jump 18 inches vertically. They are known to gnaw on wood spars and rib stitching. I have seen some really messy results Their urine is not nice -can lead to corrosion, as well as infection. Their scat droppings can be dangerous.

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Collected in a fuselage, scat can be a gathering place for moisture -hence corrosion. It also is dangerous as a source of infection. They carry many dangerous diseases…including the formidable Hantavirus. They can flatten their bodies to enter incredibly small spaces. Even small bats We should call them flying mice? If you want to keep mice out of your aircraft I think the following might work. It might prove satisfactory to use a very smooth galvanized metal ring collar around the main gear and the third wheel should have a ring around it.

If you have a taildragger the ring on the tail wheel might be quite large in diameter in order to clear the lower rear fuselage and any tail brace wires and the rudder. The height of the metal rings should be safely 19 inches although 13 to 14 inches might be enough for the average mouse Properly designed rings should easily encircle the wheels and then clip together to form a complete circle. Where they clip together the joint should be very smooth and run vertically.

Keep the aircraft at least four 4 feet away from walls, boxes, other aircraft etc. Consider putting baited and simple mouse traps inside the rings It is possibly very unlikely that chemicals or electronic mice "discouragers" will actually work. Mice can get used to electronic outputs -and often just walk on by chemical "discouragers". Handle with care.

10 Nifty Things Every Warbird Fanatic Should Have - World War Wings

Wash your hands afterwards. I know of some insulated hangars where the mice live in the wall insulation -also the ceiling insulation. In the ceiling they mimic bombers and sprayers… Climbing walls, they can be very adept -acrobatic even- although I have not yet observed any vertical rolls.

Lomcovaks and rolls on descent but no climbing vertical rolls. Not yet! Shot down July 25 Stalag Luft 4. Just mailed check to add my father to the C memorial. Tech Sgt. Weldon R. Hobbs He was at Mohanbari from spring '42 to spring ' Also just signed him up a month ago for the HPA. Anybody out there that might have overlapped his tour? I am researching U. My father was Marius J. He was nicknamed 'Florescent Pete' because he flew so much at night. He completed trips across the Hump in C's. He died in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada in June aged 83 years, and is survived by his wife Eunice and 3 sons.

He was a member of the Hump Pilots Association. The family would appreciate word from anybody who knew him during his military career. Thank You.

Robert, thanks for visiting our site recently. It caused me to come here to look at Warbird Central. Fantastic pieces! I never knew this kind of thing existed and I am very pleased that I came to see what you are doing and have done.

Bill Daysh webmaster, Condor49ers. Many Thanks for the invite to sign your Guestbook! Flew 35 missions in the 8th Air Force. New e-ml above. I envy you your talents! Keep up your good work. CP 1 of the rd Jim K. I just found out about your project at the Air Transport Command reunion at Colo Springs and am looking to find out more about it.

P-51 Mustang Iphone Case

You will hear from me again later. I am doing a project on airplanes in world war 2 and i need lots of pictuers and info. I specialized on the engine of the B29 My plane had one of the last abomb racks put in it I was the crew chief on that flight to Sacramento, Calif. Thank you Robert E. UHlman S. Annette Dr. City, Or. Third time never fails--this is my correct e-mail address. The original message is correct about my military experience.

I'm just a student from Miami, Ok.

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Doing research on the 3BFTS. I've lived since and untill two weeks ago I'd never heard of them. Was a flight engineer gunner with the rd Bomb Group th Sq. I enjoy this site very much. I will make it a habbit to visit often. To all WW2 veterains, may god bless.

Topics Mentioning This Author

With Best Regards, R. Sage Sr. GP BM.