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  1. [LISTEN] Sara-Jayne King overjoyed at finding her biological father
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  3. Finding Balance During a Job Search: Sara Samovalov’s Job Search Story
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At a noisy bar in the West Village, I sat down with the two musicians to discuss how the book was written, what they learned about both themselves and each other during the process, and the weirdness of getting in touch with old crushes.

[LISTEN] Sara-Jayne King overjoyed at finding her biological father

SQ: Originally, the book involved a much bigger period of time. Tegan talked a lot about wanting to cover some of our early childhood. We have some great stories. If you think high school's crazy, I'm not even joking, junior high was mental! We think everything is interesting. SQ: We need our own space. I became really excited when the book started to feel the way making music feels. I knew I was going to be writing about my body, my stress and worries, and getting busted with girlfriends.

I did pick on Tegan for some of it. How did you feel when you were thinking about her sexually? TQ: No!


I was preoccupied with how often I could do acid and not get caught. SQ: I imagined that we were both being driven by the same desires. Tegan interpreted it as leaving her out of our friendship. As a teenager, I had interpreted her resentment as her not approving of what I was doing. I honestly thought she was acting a bit homophobic. I was having sex with my best friend secretly and assumed that she was kicking down my door because I was a bad person.

Finding Balance During a Job Search: Sara Samovalov’s Job Search Story

But she was only upset about being left out and lonely. So Tegan was just like, gay? It was an incredibly complex set of moves that began when I was twelve or thirteen. Of course, I had crushes on girls and was way more interested in hanging out with our female friends than I did with boys.

Who We Are

All my experiences with boys were so boring and kind of forced and strange. They always felt weird. TQ: Yes. I liked boys a lot but nothing about my being with them felt fulfilling and satisfying. I was also preoccupied with so many other things: I wanted to be a musician, I wanted to do drugs, I wanted to help my friends. TQ: For the most part, yeah.

Actually, that brought on a whole new set of challenges. His story was so hard for me to write.

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It was hard not to infuse book-Spencer with his present self. She gave me all these notes that I had written to her. It was so interesting to hear her take on that time. Even recently, I realized I had played it down in my own head. But Emma was still easier to write than someone like Spencer because I only remembered childhood her.

With Spencer, the challenge was trying to parse whether or not my feelings towards him then were really how I felt. My journals came in handy here. I thought Spencer was really good-looking and I wanted a good-looking boyfriend, despite the fact that I found him dull. I knew I had to put that in there. I had to be okay with writing that. One of them is actually a really close friend and I interviewed her.

She was so excited. TBH this is great but it doesn't matter what I choose I die at the end witch I think is very dumb I would like another game like this but longer and with more endings depending on what we have chosen and I would like for their to be more clues instead of just texting people the whole time So plz create another one or just add on to this one because I got killed at the end my some robot that didn't even have a reason to kill me.. I also feel like the game was not even about Sara it was mostly about faith and James dying I never got to know what happens to Sara or even if she ever got found.

However when I got to it I was a bit disappointed. The beginning was solid you found a phone and by the help of IRIS you recover a video of her that implies that she is in danger. May I add that the game has a cheap tactic of scaring you with jump scares. The video of sara was amazing and can really give you chills down your spine. I went through her phone throughly looked through her photos videos email music and all I found was useless information.

The rest is just junk. I spent an evening playing this after being told it had clips from Marble Hornets in it and was very pleasantly surprised. The game has a similar formula to the Mystic Messenger game but gives it a horrific and realistic twist. To me, this has a great quality that I would put on par with creative Indie video games more so than "mobile" gaming. This was a great demo for what is to come very soon, I'm sure. I'd love if in the future we could look through Sara's dating profile and read more of Buddy's cringey attempts to flirt , see more realistic attempts at texting less " This has such a solid foundation and I can't wait to see it grow.

CSI 8x01 Dead Doll: Nick and Sofia - finding Sara

I have a feeling I'll be a fan of this company from here on out. Thank you for releasing such a fun game!

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